January 6, 2021

TAMOIL en tant que membre de l'association Mobilité H2 Suisse parmi les lauréats du Watt d'Or 2021 pour «Mobilité économe en énergie»

The "Watt d’Or" has been awarded by the Federal Office of Energy since 2007 to innovative companies and universities that are already successfully and courageously putting the future of energy into practice. The award of this prize is intended to make extraordinary achievements in the energy sector known and, above all, to motivate the economy, politics and the general public to discover the advantages of innovative energy technologies.

On January 7th, the Watt d'Or was awarded for the 14th time. In the “Energy-Efficient Mobility” category, the Association pro H2 Mobility Switzerland, of which Tamoil SA is a member, was chosen as the winner. Together with Hydrospider AG, Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility AG and H2 Energy AG, the H2 Mobility Switzerland association is expanding the world's first commercial cycle for renewable hydrogen in Switzerland.

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