Our fuels

Discover the unique range of TAMOIL fuels and learn about all the industrial expertise that goes into its products.

Sans Plomb 95 (Unleaded)

Also known as SP95, this fuel is compatible with all petrol vehicles put into circulation after July 1990. It can contain up to 5% ethanol. SP95 differs from SP98 in that it has a lower octane rating (95 compared to 98). This is an indicator of how petrol behaves when burnt in an internal combustion engine.

Sans Plomb 98 (Unleaded)

Also known as SP98, this fuel is compatible with all petrol vehicles of any age. It costs a little more at the pump but offers a very slight reduction in consumption and a more pleasant driving experience. It can contain up to 5% ethanol.


Like petrol, diesel is a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from various crude oil refining processes. These hydrocarbons are heavier than those found in petrol and have a boiling point of between 180 and 370°C. Diesel can contain up to 7% biodiesel. Biodiesel is a plant-based diesel fuel, or in other words, a biofuel made from recycled plants.

For HGVs

Some of our TAMOIL service stations are equipped with high-flow diesel pumps for HGVs, which can achieve a flow capacity of 130 litres per minute. Find these high-flow diesel pumps using the station search function by activating the “Diesel HD” filter.