Network logistics

Fuels and combustibles for the wholesale and retail markets are delivered to Switzerland through a variety of supply channels.

The supply chain

  • From Rotterdam by inland waterways along the Rhine or from German refineries via Basel.

  • From various European refineries by rail

  • From Marseille to Geneva via Feyzin (Lyon) by pipeline

  • From Italy by tanker, particularly to supply the canton of Ticino

The refinery in Cressier (Neuchâtel), which is owned by a competitor, also supplies significant quantities of petroleum products to the whole of Switzerland.

TAMOIL also has the largest network of fuel storage depots in Switzerland, which provides the company with a considerable degree of autonomy at all times. These depots are supplied by either rail, barge or pipeline. Supplying the depots through these channels allows us to minimise road transportation, thus reducing the environmental impact to the greatest possible extent.

All finished products marketed by TAMOIL undergo many regular checks to ensure that they continue to comply with all applicable Swiss and European standards.