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TAMOIL is in tune with its customers and endeavours to offer products along with the services that meet these expectations.

Our fuel

Sans Plomb 95

Sans Plomb 95, also known as SP95, is compatible with all petrol vehicles put into circulation after July 1990. It may contain up to 5% ethanol. SP95 differs from SP98 with a lower octane rating (95 compared with 98), an indicator that characterises the performance of fuel during combustion in the motor.

Sans Plomb 98

Sans Plomb 98, also known as SP98, is compatible with all petrol vehicles, even older models. It is slightly more expensive at the pump but allows for a slight reduction in consumption by offering improved driving comfort. It may contain up to 5% ethanol.


Just as with petrol, diesel is a mixture of hydrocarbons that is achieved from various refining processes. These hydrocarbons are heavier than those of petrol; they have a boiling point between 180 and 370°C. Diesel may contain up to 7% biodiesel.

For lorries, some of our TAMOIL service stations are equipped with high volume pumps, which allows them to achieve a flow capacity of 130 litres per minute.

Our lubricants

TAMOIL has a large range of high quality lubricants for your cars, motorbikes, businesses, agricultural and forestry holdings as well as the industry.

The TAMOIL lubricant range includes the following products:

  • Transmission and hydraulic oil
  • Industrial oil: Gearbox oil and chainsaw oil
  • Scooter engine oil
  • Gearbox and automatic transmission oil
  • Lubricants for motor vehicles and agriculture

Our specialised sales offices are at your disposal for all questions relating to products, packaging, specifications and technical problems.

The TAMOIL engine oils are available from all service station shops located in Switzerland.


AdBlue® is composed of 67.5% distilled water and 32.5% high quality urea. This liquid participate in the reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions of your diesel vehicle.

When your AdBlue® signal flashes and beeps for the first time on your driving screen, you only have 2400 km of autonomy left before the vehicle breaks down. Although your first reaction will be to contact your dealer, we recommend you fill it up yourself at one of the TAMOIL service stations where you will find 5 or 10 litres cans in order to save costs and time.

The shops

The shops in our TAMOIL stations offer a range of products that are adapted to the needs of modern and mobile consumers. They consist of a wide selection of food and non-food products. Our 108 shops are open 7 days a week and they are ready to welcome you beyond the regular shop opening hours.

Tamoil has three partnerships for the management of the service station shops: They have been selected according to their expertise and the recognised qualities in the world of mass distribution.

The coffee shops and small restaurants

Numerous stations also have an area where you can take a break, enjoy a coffee or be tempted by a home-made sandwich.

Car wash

Make your vehicle shine in one of our many car washes.

On the road !